DRUM HEAT feat. Adel AWAD/Graham BOYLE/John CELONA/ + others – Concert GIG Tour Poster Vancouver Canada ORIGINAL


We purchased a large collection of small venue posters from a person who was hired to post these “Gig Posters” in the Gastown area of Vancouver over a 20 year period.

ARTIST – Drum Heat “3 Nights Of Exciting New Percussion” featuring Adel Awad, Graham Boyle, John Celona, Jack Duncan, Sal Ferreras, Boying Geronimo, Ahmed Hassan, Tony Phillipps, John Rudolph, & Paul Serret

DATE – February 2, 3, & 4th, year unknown

VENUE – Vancouver East Cultural Centre (A.K.A. The Cultch), Vancouver, BC, Canada

SIZE – 16″ x 10.5″

NOTE – This is a Telephone Pole Poster made from Light Stock Paper.

CONDITION – Light wear

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